Meet Our Team

Our website is currently still under construction, but in the mean time, here’s a little bit about our creative team:
Nila Sivatheesan
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Nila is a passionate environmentalist, elephant lover, visual storyteller and avid dreamer. The natural world is her biggest inspiration, and she loves telling stories through her lens.

Sathya Ramachandran
Co-founder & Creative Director

Sathya holds a BFA in Visual Communication. He loves telling stories through design and videography. He is most inspired by the colourful life that surrounds him. Every gesture, every leaf, every smile, has a touch of artistic magic. Sathya will help you with your film and graphic design needs.

Yathu Thusiyanthan
Co-founder & Creative Director

Yathu is a storyteller, keeper of moments, lover of love, and humanitarian. She enjoys being around and communicating with people, which fuels her passion towards conveying strong social messages to our audience, with a touch of positivity and hope.

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