Body shaming is universal; it happens everywhere across cultures to pretty much everyone at one time or another. It is especially levied against women, who are shamed for being too skinny, too fat, having body hair, being too sexy, being unfeminine and the list is endless.

We wanted to take a stance against body shaming, fat shaming and support the movement toward not only curvy-girl confidence, but towards feeling great about the skin that you’re in.

Through this effort we had the pleasure of collaborating with Jewelz, a model, fashionista and activist! Jewelz is the founder of the online movement, #‎BIGANDBLUNT‬ – a positivity and confidence creator.

“I think that when people see this shoot, they should be open minded. You shouldn’t be seeing a size 24 or a size 2. You should just be seeing a person. And the things that you see me modelling with, they are stereotypes. They are things that have been brought into the world and have been said ‘hey, you need to change this’ or ‘this needs to be better’ or ‘you cant wear that with that’ or ‘you can’t do this unless you do that.’ Today, our shoot was about breaking all those molds and showing that you don’t have to be anybody except yourself to do whatever you want.” – Jewelz


“I started #BigandBlunt when I came up with the concept of being able to do anything when you have the ability to be confident and positive. With those two things, you are unstoppable and you can do anything you want.” – Jewelz


“You shouldn’t be seeing a size 24 or a size 2. You should just be seeing a person.” – Jewelz


“Hating myself for a long time definitely had a part in waking me up.” – Jewelz


“I got tired of not being able to throw the first thing I had on instead of standing in front of the mirror trying everything I had 50 times over again, when it all just looked the same but I didn’t feel good.” – Jewelz


“My whole life I’ve always been a firm believer that if I was a size 2 my life would be perfect. But one day I realized that wasn’t really the case. I realized that I was surviving in a world instead of living in it.” – Jewelz


“Once I let go of my cardigans, my arms were free and I never really looked back.” – Jewelz


“When I see women supporting women, it is so inspiring to me. So when I saw somebody wearing something that I never thought I could, and other people – women or men – being like “that’s amazing.. you should wear what you want..” , that really inspired me to wear what I wanted and not hold back.” – Jewelz


“My number one message for people is to stop surviving and start living. Because sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re just surviving in a world instead of taking every opportunity you have.” – Jewelz


“I see myself as free! I see myself as being completely happy and not having to worry about what other people think constantly.” – Jewelz

Follow the Big and Blunt movement on instagram: @BigandBlunt

Model: Jewelz M.
Photography and Video: Elephant Trails Studio
Hair and Makeup: Tharmiya P.

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